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Posted by Paul on September 1, 2020
COVID-19 saw a huge increase in companies moving towards selling their products and services online. In this article, we’ll cover the main considerations and pitfalls SMEs often face when creating an…
Posted by kidd on June 14, 2019
Nowadays, despite the perceived drawbacks of online shopping, more and more people are giving it a shot because it also has many advantages.
Posted by kidd on March 22, 2019
Content gets people there, but pictures are what shoppers use to make up their minds. Make sure you have these five images for every product
Posted by kidd on March 1, 2019
When buying online, there are so many different options that your customers can choose from. While many go right to Trademe or Amazon for all of their shopping needs, others are looking to find the…
Posted by kidd on January 18, 2019
Customer retention is the core of a good business strategy. It costs a lot more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining an existing one. A better customer retention rate will help you reduce…
Posted by kidd on December 7, 2018
There are lots of abandoned shopping carts rolling through the Internet. Every time someone almost makes a purchase but clicks away, that data remains behind. But very few prospective customers come…
Posted by kidd on October 26, 2018
Websites need to be a well-designed funnel to your checkout page. Whether you sell products, services, or both, every page should ultimately drive more consumers toward making purchases. But once your…
Posted by kidd on August 3, 2018
The World Wide Web is a global marketplace where you can sell your products and services. Reaching new customers online takes dedication and a steady hand. There are a few things you should think…
Posted by kidd on May 25, 2018
When you're setting up an online shopping website, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what your customer is looking for. Put yourself in the customer's place. Consider the customer journey.…
Posted by kidd on May 18, 2018
So you decided that you wanted to open an e-commerce store. You already have a vision of how you want your store to look. You have done your research, identified your niche and now you are ready to…
Posted by kidd on March 29, 2018
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular nowadays, here's something you might need to understand before you set up your online shopping website.
Posted by kidd on November 24, 2017
Looking to increase conversions on your ecommerce website? Here are some tips for a better conversion rate.
Posted by kidd on November 17, 2017
Looking to improve your return on investment? Here are a few more tips for making more E-commerce sales.
Posted by kidd on November 3, 2017
Landing pages are a crucial component of online shopping websites. In this blog, we'll explain how you can convert more leads by focusing on your landing page design.
Posted by kidd on September 29, 2017
Do you have an E-commerce website? While much of your traffic is probably coming from paid PPC and Facebook ads, you can save a lot of money by getting organic SEO traffic. Here are the things you’ll…
Posted by kidd on September 8, 2017
When creating your online store, it's important for the site to have a structure that will help it rank for SEO. When different products are categorized under specific categories, it helps Google…
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