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3 Design Reasons Why Your Customers Are Abandoning Their Carts

Dec 7, 2018 by kidd

There are lots of abandoned shopping carts rolling through the Internet. Every time someone almost makes a purchase but clicks away, that data remains behind. But very few prospective customers come back. Sometimes it's because they found a better deal elsewhere, or they were using the shopping cart as a wishlist. A lot of the time, it's because the customer doesn't like the shipping costs and the shipping timeline. 

There's not much you can do about customer behavior if they refuse to buy something, and delivery changes are a hefty business decision to make. But don't let design elements be the reason why customers walk away. Instead, hire a professional web designer to make these three changes to your shopping carts:

1. Make the formatting look reliable.

We've all seen sites that make the content look untrustworthy. Bad formatting, clunky font, and stretched images irreparably damage your company's legitimacy, even if you're just giving information. It's even worse if the shopping cart's design isn't trustworthy. A professional designer can make sure the formatting looks smooth on every screen and doesn't make shoppers hesitate.

2. Keep coupon codes accessible.

If customers can't easily access their coupon codes, they're going to get frustrated and leave. So make sure those codes are always easy to find. You can have a sidebar or dropdown wallet that contains a subscriber's accumulated codes.

Alternatively, have a banner along the top of every screen that includes a code based on how the shopper got to the page. For example, embedded links in emailed newsletters can include a different code than a what a random viewer would receive.

3. Remove extra clicks and screens.

Extra clicks make the urge to impulse die away. Professional shopping cart designers know how to keep the process short and secure. This is even more important on mobile devices, where both impulsive purchases and abandoned carts are more common. 

Cut out design-based reasons for your shoppers to walk away from their carts. Go to Designer Digital to get started.