Website Hosting

Being a full service web design and development company, we're able to host your website for you. We specialise in providing website hosting for concrete5, WordPress and WooCommerce.

Like most web companies, we charge a monthly website hosting fee - think of it like paying rent - but our fees are very competitive. Unlike some other web companies, we'll tell you what those fees will be in advance so there's no scary hidden cost to you. You can find the monthly hosting fees for our standard packages on our website. 

What is Website Hosting?

A website is basically made up of a bunch of different files and those files have to be stored, or 'hosted', on a special web server in order for your website to work. To make a website 'live' so that it can be found on the web, we 'point' your domain name (e.g. to the part of the web server which hosts your website files. It's complex stuff really, so place your trust with our established company, we don't plan on disappearing overnight leaving you with no way to move your website files to another provider.

If we built your website, then we also take responsibility for upgrading the content management system (CMS) periodically as new versions are issued.

Hosting and Support Costs

Our monthly hosting and support costs will be discussed with you at the time, but the cost is normally determined by the amount of disk space taken up by the website on our web server. Typically, our hosting and support costs for a non-ecommerce website are between $49 and $69 per month, excluding GST.

What's Included

  • Daily backups
  • Website CMS updates
  • SSL security certificate
  • 15 minutes of free support per month

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