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SEO Tips for Online Shopping Websites

Sep 8, 2017 by kidd

When creating your online store, it's important for the site to have a structure that will help it rank for SEO. When different products are categorized under specific categories, it helps Google understand what your product pages are about. This will lead to better and more accurate rankings.

SEO tips for online shops

Depending on how large your site is, you should have sub-categories under each category, with individual products listed under each sub-category. When creating drop-down menus, create different menus for each category; don’t just list all your products on the homepage menu.

If a product is temporarily out of stock, don’t take down the page. This will cause your site to lose crucial SEO value. Instead, keep it up until it goes back in stock. If you want, you can showcase or link to similar products on the page until the original product is back in stock. If you don’t plan on ever bringing a product back, you still shouldn’t delete the URL. Instead, make it redirect to a similar product or to the product category.

Keyword research is also an important part of ranking in Google. You need to find the best keywords, so take your time and use a keyword tool. Also use a tool such as Ahrefs to find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Next, you’ll need to get your site to rank for these keywords, so optimize your pages by including the keyword in the URL, meta tags, product title and description, and wherever else it is appropriate. In your meta titles, include your keyword first and your brand second, unless your brand is well-known and gets a lot of Google searches itself.

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