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Successful E-Commerce Sites Require More Than Just a Great Website Design

Nov 1, 2013 by Paul

If you're looking for your first ecommerce website or even if you're simply updating from your current website to an all improved version, there are some things you should consider as you shop around. Remember that great Website Design will not be enough.

There are wonderfully designed websites all over the internet, with no visitors. You therefore need to choose a web design which is SEO ready. Other than embarking on Pay Per Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization is the only viable option you will have to get relevant traffic to your site. You therefore want your new website to be as SEO friendly as possible, right from the start.

What is SEO ready?An SEO ready design is one which requires few structural or design changes in order to succesfully implement SEO. Example of SEO ready web design includes:

  • No flash pages (search engines can't index flash pages too well).
  • Product content will be above the fold (this reduces bounce rates).
  • Menu structure is text based (makes it easier to index by search engines).
  • Alt descriptions for any images used (helps add relevant content to pages).
  • Landing pages should be easy to navigate (Google and Bing reward well designed pages).

Ideally, your Website Design company offers complete e-commerce packages, including SEO services and hosting, making it that much easier to get exactly what you want by developing the complete project with one source.

The Web Design Company

A good Website Design company has a staff that specializes in internet marketing, yet they should also have great people skills. Discussing the goals for your site is a large part of the project therefore great listening skills are a must. As mentioned above, the more e-commerce related services that a company offers, the more likely they will deliver a design that is aesthetically pleasing yet one that is optimized for conversions. Some services you should look for include:

  • Shared and dedicated hosting
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts.
  • Full back-up options.
  • Full graphic design capabilities.
  • SEO expertise.
  • E-commerce platform experience.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • Google Analytics integration.

A great Website Design company can make the difference between failure and success in an e-commerce project. Great Website Design is not enough today, you need a complete solution which should include all aspects of running an e-commerce business. We specialize in effective yet affordable e-commerce web designs.

We believe communication is key to a great web design, so by all means feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to apply our extensive internet marketing experience to your e-commerce project. You'll be pleasantly surprised.