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5 Types of Images to Have on Every Product Page

Mar 22, 2019 by kidd

When you have an online product catalog, you need to use two central strategies for getting shoppers to make a purchase. First, use good content and SEO strategies to bring first-time visitors to the product page. Second, use good images to persuade those visitors to make a purchase. Content gets people there, but pictures are what shoppers use to make up their minds. Make sure you have these five images for every product:

1. 360° views of the product

Your customers need to be able to see every inch of the product in high-definition detail. That either means a turntable graphic or lots of images from every angle. The more a customer can see (and the longer they spend looking at a product), the more likely they are to remember it or buy it.

2. Size comparison

Nobody trusts the Internet, especially after a slew of miniatures being sold as life-size products took the Internet by storm. So include one or two images that show the size of the product relative to other things.

3. The product in use

Depending on the type of product you're selling, include an image of someone using or interacting with it. If that's not possible, frame it in the setting or space where someone would use the product.

4. The product with a person in the image

Images of people are persuasive. So include a picture of the product with someone smiling in the image. 

5. Color and feature variations

If your product comes in different colors, include an image for every color on a blank white background. Similarly, if there are different types of the product, show pictures of each one. (But also consider building some interlinking product pages, too.) If the product has additional or premium features, include close-up images.

Your visitors need good pictures in order to feel comfortable making a purchase, especially if they aren't familiar with your store. Go to Designer Digital for more tips to increase your online sales through good web design.