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Designer Digital is your local SEO agency. We work hard to understand your market, setup your Google Analytics 4 account, monitor your rankings and give you sound advice in plain language.

Helping You Get Found Online

Our SEO services are based on sound advice in plain language and plans to suit your budget. We work hard to understand your business and your market and we take a deep interest in what you do. After all, if we don't know you, then how can we market you?

What Sets Our SEO Services Apart:

  • We work with you to identify the keywords (i.e. the search terms) that are important for your business
  • We measure conversions on your website (such as online sales or enquiries) and where those visitors came from (e.g. Google search vs social media)
  • Concise monthly reports, which include keyword rankings and analysis of visitor enagagement
  • Regular recommendations for improving your online presence
  • Incorporate Social Media into your SEO strategy

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Why is SEO Important?

SEO (or search engine optimisation), is the fancy term given to making your website appear in online searches, so when someone uses a search engine (e.g. Google) to look for the kind of products and services you provide, your website appears in the list of results.

The better 'optimised' your website is, the further up your website should appear in online searches. The Holy Grail is to appear on the first page of Google and of course everyone wants to be number one. Having a high ranking for your important keywords means you can be less reliant on using paid online advertising (such as Google Ads) to be found online.

What We Can Do for You

SEO Audit & Website Tune Up

This is a one-off service where we audit your website, and update as necessary, to optimise the site to be found online. Our five-step process is as follows:

  1. Undertake keyword research to identify the search terms which are important for your business
  2. Optimise the pages on your website for the above keywords, which includes updating page meta titles, meta descriptions, page headings and internal page linking
  3. Create a Google Analytics 4 account for your website to measure visitor traffic, engagement, and where your visitors came from (e.g. Google search, Google Ads, social media, etc)
  4. Setup goal conversions to track important events on your website, e.g. online sales, contact form completions, brochure downloads, video views, etc.
  5. Re-submit your website to Google for re-indexing


Investment: $550 plus GST (one-off) for a brochure website

For an e-commerce website, the cost will be dependent on the content management system used and number of product categories.

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SEO Analytics Service

If you want to understand how visitors are interacting with your website, and what they're searching for, then this is the ideal service for you.

We'll report on how many visitors are coming to your website, where they come from, and what they do. We'll make recommendations for growing your website's content to increase the site's popularity and ranking.

Your monthly tailored report includes:

  • Number of visitors to your website and where those visitors came from (e.g. Google search, Facebook, paid adverts, etc.)
  • Top search terms that were used where your website appeared in the search results
  • Most popular sections of your website
  • Analysis on how 'engaged' visitors are with your website, based on how long they stay and what actions they perform.
  • Conversions (e.g. online sales, or enquiries) by channel (e.g. Google search, or Facebook) to help understand whether your activities are providing the desired results.


Investment: from $475 per month plus GST, no contracts

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SEO Strategy Service

Under this service, we'll work with you to develop and implement a full digital marketing strategy to promote your website online and monitor its ranking in major search engine results.

We as Designer Digital will actively manage your website's online presence; we will recommend and add new content as well as take responsibility for your website's ranking of your important keywords.

We'll implement campaigns to increase your site's search engine visibility and  develop an appropriate social media strategy that ties in with your other digital content.

A key part of the service are our monthly reports and regular meetings to review the results and agree next steps.

Investment: POA, minimum 6 month contract

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