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E-commerce website: requirements for opening an e-commerce website

May 18, 2018 by kidd

So you decided that you wanted to open an e-commerce store. You already have a vision of how you want your store to look. You have done your research, identified your niche and now you are ready to create a website where you can sell your products. But there is one problem; you need to have it built.

Building an e-commerce website requires a certain level of skills. Your website designer will be able to build you a site that has the ability to handle inventory, shipping cost, payment methods and a tracking system.

What are the requirements that you need in order to make your E-commerce site successful?

Professional Design

The way your site is styled is one of the most important factors when constructed. Depending on what you are offering, you would want a design that will appeal to a particular audience in mind. That includes appropriate colours and images that will compliment your website to catch the attention of the buyer.


An eCommerce store should not be too overwhelming to the average user. Many e-commerce sites have a system that allows users easily navigate your website. There is software implemented that allows the website owner to easily import products directly from the wholesaler. Additionally, you should also have the ability to add special discounts and coupons.


One of the main priorities to an online store is to have security measures in place. An SSL which stands for secure socket layer should be on every e-commerce site. Many web hosts provide an SSL installation.

SEO Friendly Website

This solution is especially important if you ever want your site to be discovered by individuals who are actually searching for your product. The ability to be searchable is a big deal. It not only increases sales but you can be bookmarked for repeat purchases.

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