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How to Convert Leads with Landing Pages for Online Shopping Websites

Nov 3, 2017 by kidd

Landing pages are a crucial component of online shopping websites. In this blog, we'll explain how you can convert more leads by focusing on your landing page design. 

Define conversion in the context of your campaign 

First off, we encourage you to define what conversion means in the context of your marketing campaign. For online shopping sites, this SpyreStudios article recommends a sign-up form or maybe something more complex: 

"Landing page designs vary in size, structure, and style, but their purpose is all the same – achieve maximum conversions.  Depending on the specific needs of their targeted users and the plans of the company, landing pages may be as simple as a quick signup form and as complex as a multi-page marketing campaign project."

Conversion could also be a final sale or a subscription to your services. Whatever it is, create a definition and stick to it. 

Structure your content

Content hierarchy determines how users will read your landing pages. Since we know users will look at the top left of a page first, you should put your most engaging content there. As users scroll down your page, the content should get more specific. 

Strategically place your CTAs

A good landing page has a call-to-action that users can't miss. Its position isn't that important as long as it's above the fold. You might want to play around with the colour of your button to see what works best. 

Have landing pages for different leads 

And finally, your marketing campaign will generate leads from different sources. You should consider having different landing pages for people who click a PPC ad and people who came from your social media page. This way, you can address their needs better. 

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