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4 Things Ecommerce Websites Need for SEO

Sep 29, 2017 by kidd

Do you have an E-commerce website? While much of your traffic is probably coming from paid per click and Facebook ads, you can save a lot of money by getting organic SEO traffic. Here are the things you’ll need.

Unique Product Descriptions

Don’t just copy and paste the product descriptions from the manufacturer or wholesaler. Everyone is using these, and it’s terrible for SEO. Instead, create your own unique, in-depth product descriptions. Make sure to do some keyword research so you know which phrases to include in the product titles and descriptions. If possible, get unique images as well.


Product reviews play an important role in SEO. They show Google that the product is popular, and they help Google categorize and rank products. Send out automated emails to your buyers after they purchase something and encourage them to leave reviews.

A Blog

Having an active blog is extremely important. It’s difficult for a raw E-commerce site to gain traction in Google by its own. Maintain a consistent blogging schedule and blog about things relating your products or niche. It’s best to place your blog on the same domain as your E-commerce store (yourstore.com/blog), not on a subdomain (blog.yourstore.com).


Backlinks are also important in getting a site to rank. However, in order to attract backlinks, you need to have content that is worth linking to. That’s why posting high-quality blog posts are so important. Creating infographics is another way to attract backlinks.

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