Our Content Management Systems

When we build you a website, we also provide you with a Content Management System so that you can edit your website yourself. Our Content Management Systems produce great results with the major search engines and are ultra easy to use. They're really flexible and can cater for anything from a large online shopping website with hundreds of products to a more simple business brochure website.

Our regular systems of choice are Concrete CMS for 'brochure' websites, and Concrete CMS,  'WooCommerce for WordPress' and Shopify themed websites for ecommerce websites. Even the most un-techie person finds them very easy to use and edit, but we still provide full training and support whenever it’s needed. If you were to ever have any problems while editing, if you need extra training, or need any additional members of staff trained to update your site content, this is all inclusive with your hosting and support package.

Concrete CMS and WordPress are 'open source' content management systems, which means you own your website and you remain master of your own destiny. Shopify uses a 'proprietary system' that's owned by Shopify, but it has other advantages such as automatically syncing your products with the Google Merchant Cente for running Google Shopping ads.

We'll always discuss the options with you so you can make an informed choice.

Concrete CMS Open Source Content Management System

What Customers Are Saying

Customers appreciate the ability to develop their sites in stages while still retaining functionality, saying that Concrete CMS is “a solution that worked on cross platforms and provided templates that look professional from the start.”

- source:The Best Content Management Software (CMS) of 2021 - Digital.com

What 'Open Source' Means for You

Open source means the system has a free license and - most importantly for you – it means that you own your website. Sometimes people ask us for a 'Wordpress website', but what they usually mean is they want an open source website. Wordpress is another open source Content Management System.

By using an open source system, it essentially means that the website is yours to do what you want with, and host it wherever you like.  All information, passwords, login details we keep on file for safe keeping while we host your site, but you will always have ownership of everything. We’re proud of our company ethics and customer service and it's definitely what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Responsive Website Design

Our websites can also be responsive to make it mobile friendly. A responsive or mobile website is simply one which expands and contracts to fit the size of the screen. Any images resize, but the text remains the same size so that it can be read easily on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. The concrete CMS uses the latest Bootstrap technology, which is the most popular framework for responsive, mobile first, website design

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