Posted by Paul on August 16, 2021
After 14 years as Designer Websites, it's time to change our name to one which better reflects the depth of our expertise and our range of core services.
Posted by Paul on June 24, 2021
Designer Digital has been a Google Partner since 2017, and we recently renewed our 'Partner' status under Google's new Partner program requirements. But what does it mean in practice, and why should you care?
Posted by Paul on June 4, 2021
Google launches new image extensions which allow Google Ads advertisers to upload rich, relevant visuals to complement their existing text ads.
Posted by kidd on May 24, 2021
Apple’s release of iOS 14 allows iOS users to opt out of being tracked. Users who decide to opt out of being tracked will be harder to reach with personalised ads, here's what you can do if you’re using Facebook’s Pixel to run ad campaigns on Facebook.
Posted by Paul on May 14, 2021
In Google's recently released Webspam Report 2020, the comment that really jumped out at us was that, 'Hacked spam was still rampant in 2020 as the number of vulnerable websites remained quite large'. Here are some basic measures you can take to keep your website safe.
Posted by Paul on April 30, 2021
Use call extensions in your Google Ads to encourage customers to call or text straight from your ad. Then use segments in your Google Ads account to see how many calls you've received.