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What Does it Mean to be a Google Partner?

Jun 24, 2021 by kidd

Designer Digital has been a Google Partner since 2017, and we recently renewed our 'Partner' status under Google's new Partner program requirements. But what does it mean in practice, and why should you care?

The digital marketing sector has very low barriers to entry, and in reality anyone can claim to be a digital marketer. For this reason, the Google Partner program allows reputable agencies to demonstrate they have the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure their client's Google Ads campaigns are set up to perform well.

Although the Partner program had been running successfully for a number of years, Google took on board feedback that Partner agencies wanted "more transparency, exclusivity, support, recognition in the market and a deeper understanding of our business needs". As a result, Google overhauled the program, and launched the new Google Partner badge in June 2021.

In a nutshell, there are three components to maintaining Google Partner status under the new program:


Partners must maintain an 'optimization score' of at least 70%, indicating that they've set up their clients' Google Ads accounts to perform well.


Partners must manage at least $10,000 USD in Google Ads spend over 90 days, which shows their ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.


Partners must demonstrate proficiency in Google Ads by earning Google Ads certifications.

Designer Digital Meets the new Google Partner Requirements

With optimisation scores consistently well above the minimum of 70%, a stable and growing client base, and certifications in Google Search, Display, Video and Shopping campaigns, Designer Digital meets all the new Google Partner requirements...and is well placed to successfully manage your Google Ads campaigns.


If you'd like us to manage your Google Ads campaign, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.