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Posted by kidd on May 3, 2019
Nowadays, it's hard to find anyone without a smartphone or tablet glued to their hand. People use their phone to research the hottest shops, the best restaurants, pretty much anything. If you can't be…
Posted by kidd on March 1, 2019
When buying online, there are so many different options that your customers can choose from. While many go right to Trademe or Amazon for all of their shopping needs, others are looking to find the…
Posted by kidd on October 19, 2018
Search engines are always trying to update their algorithms to give viewers faster, more accurate access to what they're looking for. Google is usually leading the crowd in this focus with a history…
Posted by kidd on September 14, 2018
Find out exactly why you need a mobile website and how it can help you succeed!
Posted by kidd on March 16, 2018
The Internet provides new free website design templates every day, and they're getting better and better looking. But as businesses shift more and more of their features, services, and backup…
Posted by kidd on March 2, 2018
For a business to compete and be successful today, having a quality website is a practical necessity. When you are looking to launch a new website, working with a firm that specializes in business…
Posted by kidd on January 19, 2018
In today's digital landscape, it is imperative that businesses find ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. One of the strongest ways to accomplish this, and drive long-term…
Posted by kidd on December 22, 2017
In order to serve website visitors you need to improve user experience. Your site needs to be accessible, usable, efficient and pleasant to look at. This makes it more likely your visitors stick…
Posted by kidd on December 8, 2017
Many myths have swirled around concerning website design. Here are 20 of them
Posted by kidd on November 10, 2017
Good website design is not just about mobile responsive, here are more details about how to make a good website design
Posted by kidd on October 27, 2017
Business websites provide value for your target audience, generate qualified leads, and increase sales. If it's not accomplishing these goals, you need to find out why. Start with these business…
Posted by kidd on October 20, 2017
There is no shortage of SEO 101 articles on the internet. In fact, the knowledge of basic SEO practices is so common that it is likely you and your competitors are doing the exact same things. Anyone…
Posted by kidd on October 6, 2017
These days, it's not enough to set up a business website. You also need to make your site clear, engaging, and attractive on all computing devices, regardless of screen size. Responsive or mobile…
Posted by kidd on September 15, 2017
Responsive design is a critical feature for websites today. In this blog, we'll explain the most important reasons why you need it for your site.
Posted by kidd on August 4, 2017
Responsive design is a nice way to improve your marketing efforts and maybe see a boost in your SEO, and it now becomes a mandatory standard for website development.
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Switching to a responsive website design not only makes your website more fluid for consumers, but it could also increase your website's ranking.