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Google Launches Image Extensions for Google Ads

Jun 4, 2021 by Paul

Google Ads have launched a new type of ad extension to help advertisers show rich, relevent images next to their text ads. Initially launched in beta in mid-2020, image extensions are now available to most advertisers in New Zealand. Image extensions are perfect for retailers and companies supplying physical products.  Google claim that when Hugo Boss used image extensions in conjunction with responsive search ads, they saw a 2.5x improvement in return on investment and 5 percent jump in click-through rates from their ads. This is because people shopping online often like to see both product information and pictures when deciding which company or brand to buy from.

The image extension allows you to upload up to 20 images, but to get the most benefit the images should be closely related to your keywords. So although image extensions can be applied both at the campaign and ad group level, you're likely to get a better result if you use carefully chosen images at the ad group level. In other words, you may have a campaign for clothes, with ad groups for jeans, chinos, shorts, etc. For best results you should use separate image extensions for each ad group, i.e. an image extension with images of your chinos applied to your chinos ad group.

The images also have to meet Google's image format requirements, and in particular the images can't include text or logo overlays.

At Designer Digital we'll be gradually working through our client's campaigns to identify those which would benefit from images extensions, and collaborating with our clients to prepare their image collateral.

If you think image extensions would work well for your Google Ads campaign, or would like to trial Google Ads, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.



Image Extension Example