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Designer Digital, The New Name for Designer Websites

Aug 16, 2021 by Paul

After 14 years as Designer Websites, it's time to change our name to one which better reflects the depth of our expertise and our range of core services. Over the last six years, we've evolved from a niche web company, focused on custom designed websites, to one which provides a range of website design & development services, search engine optimisation and digital marketing.

Our catalyst for change came in 2017 when we became an accredited Google Partner, after two years of growing our Google Ads and search engine marketing client base. From there we've continued to grow our expertise in paid online advertising to include social media advertising services across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

During the COVID19 lockdowns in 2020, we took our passion for digital marketing one step further by developing our popular 'How To Digital Marketing' half day seminar into a 20 hour training programme, funded by the COVID19 Business Advisory Fund. We were privileged to help a wide range of companies move into digital marketing with confidence, often for the first time, giving them the tools and understanding to help them succeed. This programme is also registered with the Regional Business Partners Management Capability Development Fund.

Looking forward, we see many new opportunities for companies to advertise online, with TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google and others investing heavily in their platforms to help connect brands with customers.

We believe that our new name of Designer Digital reflects our passion for designing digital solutions which meet the individual needs of our clients and the exciting opportunities we see in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

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