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Posted by kidd on August 18, 2021
We recently took on a new Google Ads client who had been taken for a ride by an Australian agency. This client is a regular tradie who works hard to grow his small business.
Posted by Paul on June 24, 2021
Designer Digital has been a Google Partner since 2017, and we recently renewed our 'Partner' status under Google's new Partner program requirements. But what does it mean in practice, and why should…
Posted by Paul on June 4, 2021
Google launches new image extensions which allow Google Ads advertisers to upload rich, relevant visuals to complement their existing text ads.
Posted by Paul on April 30, 2021
Use call extensions in your Google Ads to encourage customers to call or text straight from your ad. Then use segments in your Google Ads account to see how many calls you've received.
Posted by kidd on December 20, 2019
learn more about how you can benefit from working with a digital marketing agency
Posted by Paul on November 13, 2013
Posted by Paul on May 17, 2013
Posted by Paul on January 23, 2013
Posted by Paul on October 20, 2012