Posted by kidd on October 4, 2019
Getting a template will surely cut on the time the website needs to be delivered, but on the other hand, it doesn't give the client the best of experiences. Named below are some of the reasons as to why a custom web design is the best way forward.
Posted by Paul on October 2, 2019
Choosing a website design and development company can feel a bit like the Wild West. It's not like choosing a trades person where you can check to see if they're a Licensed Building Practitioner, or a Licensed Plumber. Anyone with a computer and internet access can claim to be a website developer, and when you ask for quotes, the costs can vary significantly.
Posted by kidd on September 27, 2019
As a business owner, you did everything possible to create a website on your own to keep costs low. After all was said and done, you're proud of the work you accomplished--your website is functional, product pages sit front and centre while every blog post published has a tempting call-to-action at the end.
Posted by kidd on August 16, 2019
Content marketing isn't just a strategy you can pick or ignore anymore. Instead, it's rapidly becoming the mainstay for how companies stay on the mobile traffic map. If your company has a content marketing strategy on the back burner or your company used to have a robust content strategy that fell by the wayside, here are five ways to get it on track:
Posted by kidd on August 9, 2019
It's not enough to write great content. Great content is easy to find for almost every subject matter, and that's why there's such tight competition for those first few spots in search results. Even if you feel like your content isn't excellent quite yet, don't wait to start building your distribution channels.
Posted by kidd on August 2, 2019
Every company has an obligation to protect the data it collects from consumers and visitors. GDPR, a set of regulations from the European Union that takes this responsibility a step further, is something that every business owner needs to know about. Even if you don't do business in the EU specifically, you may still have visitors from the EU