Posted by kidd on April 5, 2019
It may seem like answering a very niche question on your business blog is a waste of an article. Fewer people will find it or look for it. But the few who desperately need the answer to the question will stay on your site if you give them information no one else has. Here are three more reasons to start creating super specific blog articles.
Posted by kidd on March 29, 2019
Search engine algorithms are getting more and more complicated. It's to the point where even SEO experts aren't quite sure what various updates may be looking for when an algorithm update rolls out, and new advice has to be made based on new historical trends. It gets even fuzzier with Google's recent focus on "quality," especially if they aren't directly using human rating systems to evaluate websites.
Posted by kidd on March 22, 2019
Content gets people there, but pictures are what shoppers use to make up their minds. Make sure you have these five images for every product
Posted by Paul on March 18, 2019
Posted by kidd on March 15, 2019
We live in a digital world and no aspect of life has been left untouched, including education. Your school website should showcase the best that your school has to offer.
Posted by Paul on March 11, 2019
Our five point checklist will help you pick the best web design company for your project.