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How to Design Your Non-Profit Site to Get Active Attention

Nov 15, 2018 by kidd

When you're running a non-profit organization, you know awareness is only the first step. It's an important part of the process, but awareness is only meaningful if it contributes to your actionable goals. So instead of creating your site around viewership, a professional designer can help you design it for the viewers you need:

1. Measure the content to see what gets the most attractions.

A designer doesn't just give you a fully formed website for you to start filling with good content. They dive deep into what your organization is trying to accomplish and what you really need from a website. That includes building your site around the most valuable viewers: the ones who share content across their own audiences, the ones who donate, and the ones who want to help. 

A professional CMS gives you the tools to organize that data behind the scenes and narrow your focus on what works.

2. A/B test your landing pages and forms.

A/B testing is tricky to implement, especially if you're busy. It's a granular process of testing changes one by one to increase traffic by even marginal amounts. Not only can professional web designers organize the process so you get clear, clean results, they've done plenty of A/B testing before. Instead of guessing what works at first, they have a clear idea of what 'A' should look like from the start.

3. Make sustained conversation easier.

A website is a broadcasting tool, but it also needs to be a place where the conversation can become a two-way street and interested viewers can interact with your organization. Find professional designers who can fill up your site with engaging subscription forms and landing pages that your audience can't turn away from.

If you want your site to drive more action, go to Designer Digital to get started.