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Vauxhall School

Vauxhall school wanted a website upgrade as their website was non-responsive, hard to edit and out-of-date.  The brief was to brand the school with a website that parents, new and old, could use intuitively and easily, that was informative and attractive, and most importantly functional.

Vauxhall School also has a fundraising event website for a bi-annual event, and dw proposed incorporating this into the school website as a micro site for their fundraising team and events. This sub domain has a duo-identity as a school fundraising site as well as their bi-annual Art Event website, requiring a selectable duo-website theme functionality to change the look of the pages.

What We Did
  • Custom Design
  • Google calendar and stylised homepage calendar feed
  • News blog and feed
  • Bold design reflecting school logo and school values branding
  • Theme selection and editing function

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