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Bypassing the Intimidation and Developing An Effective Website Design

Oct 18, 2013 by Paul

The most intimidating part of the website design process is getting started. It takes experience and working knowledge of layout principles to come up with a design that works and looks well.

A professional designer website service can come up with an appropriate and effective design that meets your companies needs. Thus, professional web developers can implement a design that

Users are pleased by the design but drawn to the content

Graphics on the page should grow around the blocks of content, and lead the users eye back to the information without interfering with the pages.

Users can move easily via intuitive navigation

A navigation structure ought to help the user recognize where they are and how to get where they want to go; secondary navigation, search fields, and outgoing links should not be dominant features on the page.

Users recognize each page as belonging to the site

 A close-knit theme or style should exist across all pages to help hold the design together; even if there is a dramatic difference between the homepage and the rest of the site.

Defining a design that satisfies all the requirements of all the above is no simple task. You must have an understanding of your web anatomy that consists of the containing block, logo, navigation, content, footer, and whitespace; and also develop a grid theory.

The design process may be difficult, but you can bypass the intimidation by arranging a meeting with Designer Digital.