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5 Things to Look for In Your Google Search Console Menu

Feb 15, 2019 by kidd

Google Search Console, when used correctly, can be one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. It contains an entire suite of useful tools and tons of important data that you can use to increase your conversion rates. Following are some important things to look for in the Google Search Console menu.


Submitting a sitemap is a great way to let Google know about all of your pages. Not only that, but whenever you update your website, it will be updated on the sitemap as well and Google will know about it when they crawl your sitemap again. It will also keep them notified about pages that you took down. You can use a plugin to generate a sitemap for your site.

Mobile Usability

Is your site properly optimized for mobile devices? Google Search Console will let you know if your pages aren't properly mobile responsive. They will tell you how many pages are not mobile responsive, and they will tell you the exact problems on specific pages. For example, one problem they may tell you about is if an image is wider than mobile screens.


Here, Google will tell you which pages are getting the most backlinks. This can help give you an idea of what kind of content is link-worthy so that you can create more of it. It will also help you track where your internal links are going.

URL Inspection

You can inspect any URL individually to discover things such as mobile usability issues. If you are wondering whether a page was crawled by Google or whether it appears somewhere in the Google search results, you can find out by simply doing a URL inspection.

Manual Actions

Here, Google will tell you about any manual penalties that they may have put on your site as a result of spam actions such as mass link building.

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