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3 Advanced SEO Techniques to Boost Your Rankings

Feb 9, 2018 by kidd

Want to get better rankings? Search engine optimisation is much more than just choosing keywords and creating posts around them. Here are a few advanced SEO techniques you can use to improve your existing rankings and get new posts ranked quickly. 

Republish Old Content

Wrote a great post but it’s not ranking well? Republish it! Add new information, sections and case studies. Embed new images, infographics or videos. Improve on the existing content and make it longer. Then, republish it by editing the published date in WordPress -- this will bump it to the top of your blogroll and will alert Google to its status as a “new” post. Make sure to promote it to your social media and email followers.

Use Internal Linking to Boost Rankings

If you have a post that is lagging behind on the second or third page of Google, don’t just sit there. Do something about it! Pages on the first page get most of the views. To improve your post’s rankings, link to it internally from other relevant and high-ranking posts that you’ve created.


LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, is a term for what Google uses to determine the content of a webpage. Let’s take the word “apple” as an example. It can mean a fruit, or it can mean a global company that produces electronics. Google can tell which one it is by other words on the page -- health, fruit, nutrients, etc let it know you’re talking about a fruit. Using words like apps, Steve Jobs, iPad, etc will let Google know you’re talking about the company. Make sure to use relevant words to give Google a better idea of what you’re referring to so that they can rank you better.

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