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Designer Digital are specialists in designing websites for accountants. Cloud based accounting software like Xero is changing the accounting landscape forever and potential clients are more likely to choose an accounting firm which looks software savvy and not stuck in the past. Our aim is to create an effective accountant website for you which promotes your practice as not only accounting and tax experts, but also future focused business consultants to your clients. 

Your Options

You can select from any of our business website packages:

You choose, we can build the functionality you require, for example:

  • Team page
  • News articles
  • Client resources
  • Links to Xero, MYOB
  • Calendar of key dates
  • Ability to add video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Integration with Mailchimp so visitors can subscribe to your marketing material from your website
  • Basic FAQ’s page
  • You're only limited by your imagination!


Dependent on the package and your requirements.

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All Packages Include
  • Fully responsive website that works across all platforms and mobile devices
  • An easy-to-use Content Management System so you can keep the website up to date yourself
  • Full admin training provided
  • Keyword research, so you know which search terms your potential visitors are using
  • Initial on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the top level pages to help your website be found by the major search engines

Accountant Websites Portfolio

Does your Google ranking matter?

Well, consider that Kiwis make about 36,000 searches a year in Google for the keywords ‘accountant’, accounting’ and ’tax’. Is your accounting practice getting a piece of the action?

Also bear in mind that Google favours websites with unique content and penalises websites with duplicated content. So if your practice's website if full of syndicated and dated content, the chances are it's doing you no favours at all in winning new clients.

Free practical website design guide for accountants

Designer Digital conducted an extensive audit of accounting firm websites in New Zealand and we discovered there are six common mistakes that could be leaving your practice behind.

The good news is that we've put together a free practical website design guide specifically for accountants.

The guide clearly explains the common mistakes made and provides a number of practical DIY solutions that you can employ to help get your firm’s website ranking higher in Google, receive quality enquiries and differentiate your practice from the competition.

Read our free website design guide for accountants online.

We'd Love to Help

If you want YOUR WEBSITE to:

  • Be Clear and Engaging
  • Be Flexible in Design and Navigation
  • Clearly Outline Your Key Services
  • Promote Your Practice as a Trusted Business Advisor

...then contact Designer Websites today and we’d love to discuss how we can get your accountant website working for you.