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Rangehood Solutions

Rangehood Solutions is one of the fastest growing specialist rangehood installation companies in the upper North Island. Not only do they install rangehoods, but they also have their own exclusive rangehood line which they market under their Vissari brand.

When we began working with Shannan and Grant, they had three existing websites, one for the rangehood installation side of the business and two for their Vissari line of rangehoods and accessories. Our challenge was to bring these two exisiting websites together into one cohesive stylish website promoting both the installation and supply aspects of their business without losing Google ranking.

We spent a lot of time in the early stages talking to Grant and Shannan about the business. What appears to be a simple business at face value, really belies quite a complex market. The two directors, Grant and Campbell are based in Auckland and Tauranga respectively and they predominantly work with their crews installing rangehoods. Once they have the trust of a building company partner, then they can introduce them to their own branded products.

So the website has to appeal to builders and the general public requiring any brand of rangehood to be installed, while also showcasing their own brand of rangehoods and accessories to building groups and kitchen retailers. Not an easy task! 

In fact, this website was as much about getting the content right as it was about the design.

The execution was also really complex. With three websites to bring together under one domain name, we had to carefully ensure that we didn't lose the Google ranking of the other two - plus the installation side of the business was being rebranded from A1 Rangehood Installations to Rangehood Solutions.  

We'll spare the techie details, but suffice to say we had to be meticulous about redirecting old pages to the new pages and using Google tools to 'push' the ranking of the two deprecated domain names to

In the end, we triumphed.  A great design, clear navigation and no loss of ranking. Phew!


We love our new website -Thank you so much Designer Digital for all of your hard work creating an outstanding site! Its amazing what a great website does for your Business..the traffic has doubled and the website enquiries are flowing through... now to find some more staff!  

Shannan, Rangehood Solutions 


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