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Why Web Design and Development Should Not be Done Separately

Mar 31, 2014 by Paul

Most people use the internet almost everyday with little to no thought as to what the website development process is like and how the site goes from initially being an idea that is transformed into the final product that reaches their browser.

When developing a website, there are two parts to it: The development side and the design side. The differences between the two are understandably not immediately apparent. The development side of it is generally the side that deals with establishing the website's functionality. The design side of it is everything the user sees; it is the window the user must look through to interact with the different functions of the site.

Typically, web design and development are not handled by the same teams because the skill sets required for the two parallel very little. This paradigm works, but creates for an additional difficulty: The teams must communicate effectively in order to reach a final product. Without effective communication, the building of the webpage will not only take longer, but will also cost a not-insignificant amount of extra money to get the job done.

Having a website designed and developed by the same team is a huge benefit for everyone involved. The customer can communicate with the same people for both parts and can spend the time and resources that would have been used to coordinate the efforts separately towards helping their business in some other way. Who wouldn't like to have more money to spend on advertising?

If you would like to further discuss, and possibly explore, the benefits of having both design and development done by the same team for your next project, please feel free to contact us.