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Step Outside the Template Box with a Custom Website

Jan 11, 2019 by kidd

When the world is at our fingertips, why do we fall back on the same old same old? Your target audience is the same as your competitors. You've set your business apart from them on paper, in advertising, and your overall brand identity. It's time to stop looking like the competitor online where the layout is the same, just with different colors and copy. An exceptional design agency will customize your website with the best user experience in mind. Stand out from the rest. Here are some common mistakes as outlined in the medium.com article Why Do All Websites Look the Same?.


As referenced in the medium.com article, templates are just constraints and don't delineate between the type of content be it text or graphic. Thus, resulting in a very boxy looking, a cookie-cutter website that looks like all the others. Make your first impression stand out from all the rest. You want to be remembered and you want them to come back. 


While everyone wants an online presence, this is no excuse to rush and just throw things together. Sure it may be easiest and quickest to fill in the blanks and paint-by-number so to speak, but errors are sure to happen and ultimately you will not stand out from your competitors. Time may be of the essence, but haste does, in fact, make waste. 

Allowing Technology to Limit Imagination

If you can create it on paper or even in your head, then you can create it online. It just takes a skilled designer to create it for you. Consider the traditional team member page. They are typically pretty cut and dry with simple photos and introduction, they don't have to be. Give their images movement and a matching personality. Think about changing up text flow and design to create a more inviting, user-friendly space.

Reaching out to an experienced designer is the best way to avoid the template pitfall, rushing because you have several tasks to complete, and limiting yourself to only what you know. With so many tasks on your plate already. It's best to outsource your website design to ensure proper care and time are given to bringing a voice and image to your company. 

Contact Designer Digital today and stand out from your competitors and more importantly reach your target audience with a unique voice that is all your own.