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Business Websites: How to Make the Most Out of Your Visitor's Time

Feb 23, 2018 by kidd

While the dream is that users will spend endless time on your website discovering all your content, the reality is that almost all of them will leave within a minute. A significant portion of those will leave within seconds. In this blog, we'll explain how you can maximise the value of these short time periods. 


Don't overload users with content

There is a time and place for all of your content. The worst thing you can do is shove it all in your user's face at once. 

That goes for video, too. Let users breathe when they first access your site and let them make the first move. You don't need to play all of your cards at once. 

Make your navigation intuitive 

Users should be able to navigate your site purely based on intuition. According to this Techniblogic article, you should strategically place well-named URLs in your site content to help users: 

"It's not a secret that having a well-designed website with easy-to-use navigation tools can help increase the time spent by a visitor to your website. If you can't fit everything on a single page, then make sure that you have a search option available for them to use. Using short yet easily understandable URLs is also a key to having an SEO-friendly website design."

The real test is to bring in third-party users and have them navigate your site on their own. Any snags they hit should be immediately improved, since your leads will likely have the same experience. 

Make your UI recognisable 

Finally, your website shouldn't be exclusively designed for first-time users. Returning users should find it easier to navigate your site based on its design. You can achieve this by arranging your site elements (menu, header, links, etc.) in a memorable way. This is particularly important for getting customers to return to your business. 

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