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3 SEO Tips: Keywords, Subheadings and Storytelling

Jan 26, 2018 by kidd

Content generally consists of writing and images, sometimes videos. When it comes to the writing, you need to make sure that it follows the rules of SEO or search engine optimization. This will enable your website or blog to be found by search engines and therefore by viewers.

There are many aspects of online marketing that have to be considered when executing a digital marketing campaign and SEO is one of them. In the early days of SEO, keywords meant everything whereas now, there are many more sophisticated ways of diverting traffic to your website.


You want to make sure that your content contains keywords for SEO. This means that it should use the words that people search for more often. But at the same time, it should not be stuffed with those words.

Plus, you also want to make sure there is keyword variety in your content. This refers to the usage of different keywords which are related. For example, in addition to the word "jeans," you can also use the words "jeggings," "denim," "boyfriend jeans," "skinny jeans," "ripped jeans," "dark denim" etc.


When people go on the internet, they like to see writing that is divided into subheadings, bullet points or lists. This enables them to take in what the article is all about at one go and then, they can decide whether to read it, skip it or read only parts of it.

You might think that this doesn't really fulfill your purpose but it actually encourages people to come back to your website over and over because you're not wasting their time.


Of late, storytelling has also become one of the buzzwords in digital marketing. It can also help with your SEO efforts. Storytelling can refer to anything which has a narrative form, from the story of your company or your own personal story to the story of how your product came to be.

Storytelling always attracts people because it keeps them engaged and interested in what you're saying. It's one way of taking content that is dry and uninteresting and giving it a certain edge. You can even use photographs to illustrate your story or anecdote.

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