Flexi Starter

This flexible website package is the perfect small business website package. Ideal as a business startup package or a package for any company wanting an attractive mobile friendly and search engine optimised website at an economic price.

We use pre-designed templates to keep the build costs down, whilst the overall look, style and colour will be customised to match your branding. The great thing about this package is that the total price is up to you because you can choose the amount of content you'd like us to load.

  • Pre-designed template to help minimise the cost
  • Customised overall look, style and colour to match your branding
  • You choose the amount of content you'd like us to load - see below
  • Unlimited web pages allowed
  • Image gallery option - and we'll upload up to five images for you
  • Blog option
  • Keyword Research
  • Contact enquiry form and location map
  • We'll set up Google Analytics so you can measure traffic to your website

Development Costs

From: $2495 plus GST

Total Cost = Base Cost + Flexi Costs (see below)

Hosting and Support Costs

Our monthly hosting and support costs will be discussed with you at the time, but the cost is normally determined by the amount of disk space taken up by the website on our web server. Typically, the hosting and support costs for a non-ecommerce website are between $49 and $69 per month, excluding GST.

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  • Website that works across all platforms and mobile devices
  • You can keep the website up to date yourself
  • Full admin training provided
  • You know which search terms your potential visitors are using
  • Initial on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the top level pages to help your website be found by the major search engines

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Flexi Costs for Content Loading & Copywriting

(i) Content Loading

Depending on your budget, you can load the content yourself or we can load some or all of the content for you. If we load the content, we'll use a correct heading hierarchy and link the pages to each other properly - both of which are important for on-page SEO. This just takes the hassle away and means you don't have to learn a whole new skill set!

Cost: $55 plus GST per page

(refer to our Fair Use Policy in our Terms of Trade)

(ii) Professional Copywriting

You can choose to have some (or all) pages written by our professional copywriter.

We'll create engaging, sales-driven copy for you based on the findings of our keyword research. We'll ensure the keywords are included in the best places to help optimise your on-page SEO. You can then upload this copy yourself, or we can do it for you (see Content Loading below).

Cost per page of copy: $120 plus GST

(approximately 250 words of text)

Flexi Starter Portfolio

How the Process Works

  1. We start the process by taking a detailed brief from you. This will be conducted remotely (by phone or video conference).
  2. We then confirm all the information we'll need from you (e.g. logo, product information, page content, images, blog posts, etc.)
  3. We send you links to pre-designed templates that we've shortlisted for you, and you choose the one you like.
  4. We build the website in our content management system using the design template you chose, which we'll customise around your logo and branding.
  5. The website concept will be presented to you via a 'development link' for you to approve. Up to three rounds of revisions are allowed for in the website package.
  6. We'll undertake a keyword research exercise and present our findings to you with our recommendations for on-page SEO. If you decide you'd like to have some pages professionally written, then we'll brief our copywriter at this stage.
  7. Content can then be loaded, and we'll provide remote training if you're going to be loading any of the content yourself.
  8. Once all the content has been loaded, we'll complete our on-page SEO.
  9. When you're happy with the website, we'll make it live for you and then set up your Google Analytics account so you can track your visitor data.

How is this Package Better than Using a Web Builder?

Web builders have their place, but they can come with many restrictions. With this package:

  • your website will be yours (the 'concrete5' content management system is Open Source, which means you can move your website to another provider after the minimum hosting period has expired)
  • your website will benefit from our experience to ensure the top level pages are optimised to be found by the major search engines
  • we'll connect your website to your Google Analytics account so you can track your visitor data
  • as your business grows and your needs change, the website can be upgraded to a fully customised design without having to rebuild the website


On-Page SEO Included

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is basically the process of setting up your website in such a way that it's optimised to be found by the major search engines. With our on-page SEO process, we ensure that the top level pages on your website are fully optimised. This includes adding page titles, page descriptions, headings, internal page links and inserting your keywords in the correct places.

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