Instant Sales Add-on

Online payment capability - Perfect for Instagram Business or Pop-up store 

If you don't have a website and you're looking for a simple, low cost solution that allows your customers to make a secure online payment, then our payment platform is for you.  It's perfect for businesses who only have an online presence through Facebook or Instagram, no online presence at all, or who want to offer a 'click and collect' service.

All you have to do is send your customers a link to your payment platform, which we'll customise with your logo and contact details. They enter the amount, and then pay by credit card. Easy!

  • Secure contactless payments with simple payment process...learn more
  • Choice of payment gateway, and simple shipping options...learn more
  • Personalised store front with your company logo, name, address and contact details...learn more
  • Easy to use and includes order management and sales reporting...learn more

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The Details

Personalised Payment Platform

We'll personalise your payment platform with your company logo, name, address and contact details. If you have your own domain name, e.g., then we can hook your payment platform to your domain, so your link could be

If you don't have a domain name, that's no problem at all.  We'll just hook you to our domain. So if you're business is called Jane's Jewellery, then we could use as your link.

We can also customise the wording on your platform's landing page.

Security is Forefront

Your payment platform will have an SSL security certificate, so it will show with a closed padlock symbol in your browser. 

Simple Payment Process

The process is simple:

  1. Your customer orders your product or service via your website, email, Messenger, phone, or whatever.

  2. You confirm the price, plus any delivery charge, and send a link to your payment platform (which could be via a QR code)
  3. Your customer enters the amount (plus a reference if required), they complete the checkout process and pass through a secure payment gateway to pay using their credit card.
  4. Both you and your customer are sent an email to confirm the payment has been made.
  5. Easy! 

Payment Gateway Options

We can integrate your payment platform with any of the following payment gateway providers to take secure credit card payments:

  1. PayPal
  2. DPS Payment Express (now Windcave)
  3. Stripe

Basic Shipping Options Can Be Included

If you'd like to include simple shipping options, such as a flat rate of delivery or free shipping above a certain amount, that's fine too and can be included in the checkout process. 

Order Management and Sales Reporting

You'll be able to login to your payment platform to view and process your orders, and see your sales dashboard:

Simple Pricing Structure

Initial One-Off Setup Fee: $225 plus GST

Monthly Hosting Fee: $49 plus GST (note, this excludes any fees charged to you directly by your payment gateway provider)

No Long Term Contracts: Cancel at anytime

Take The Next Step Towards Offering a Secure, Contactless Payment

Option To Your Customers

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