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The Importance of a Company Website that Reflects Your Company Reputation

Jul 13, 2013 by Paul

The importance of a company website that reflects your company reputation cannot be overstated. When people need a product or service, they no longer flip through the telephone book, read their local newspapers' classified ads, or even ask a friend. More often, they open the browser in their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and let Google do all that for them. They simply type in the product or service in which they are interested, the city in which they live if that's a consideration, and go with the site they find they like the look of and can find the information they need fast.

Our designers and developers build each site with search engine optimization in mind, so that our clients will have the best possible chance of achieving the coveted top ranking position for their targeted audience, and once there, will reach out to the viewer and fully engage their attention while the content delivers its message. This combination assures our clients of the best possible return on their web investment dollar through a high rate of initial conversions.

These features become even more important as a company matures and becomes well established in its field, and repeat sales become increasingly important. Throughout this growth period, it is essential that its web presence represent its continuing commitment to keeping abreast of the latest technological advances, until at last its owner misses the challenge and excitement of growing a new business from the ground up and offers the company for sale.

Selling a business entails selling more than its client list and equipment, but relies greatly upon selling its image. This is the most important of its intangible assets, often exceeding even the value of its customer loyalty. There are brands today that are globally recognized by no more than the silhouette of an apple with a bite missing from it, or a pair of golden arches, the mere sight of which evokes fond memories of a rich legacy of customer satisfaction in the minds of the millions that those companies have served. Those symbols are now priceless, as any could be in this new digital age given a solid business and adequate Internet promotion.

That is why we say that the importance of a company website that reflects the reputation of your business cannot be overstated. To start building that memorable image for your company and positioning it for success in the local, national or international marketplace, contact us today.